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Tips about school bags

How do I clean my school bag?

A school bag has to withstand a lot of dirt over time, which is why it should be cleaned at regular intervals - this not only protects the material, but also prevents the school bag from wearing out. It is particularly important to clean after liquid spills, mold formation on food, bad smells or dried-on dirt.

Step 1

First shake out the school bag well and carefully brush off any coarse or dried dirt.

Tasche wird abgebürstet
Tasche wird einem Tuch abgewischt

step 2

Carefully wipe off any contamination on the inside or outside with a damp microfiber cloth and a pH-neutral cleaning agent or mild detergent.

step 3

It is recommended to seal the outside (outer fabric) with a textile waterproofing spray so that the material is better protected against dirt and rain.

Tasche wird imprägniert
Auf die Reißverschlüsse wird Silikonspray aufgesprüht

Step 4

In addition, you should spray all zippers with a little silicone spray and open and close the fastener a few times so that the liquid is well distributed and can be absorbed.

Finally, place the school bag in a well-ventilated room so that any unpleasant smells can escape.

The pencil case should always be equipped with all the necessary writing materials such as fountain pens, colored pencils, erasers and rulers. Of course, the snack box and drinking bottle should definitely not be missing!

To prepare well, it is advisable to calmly pack the school bag together with the child the evening before - this way they learn to take responsibility and organize themselves well.

So that the school set is complete and everything matches the color of the school bag, there is a matching gym bag and craft case for sports and craft lessons.

You can also ask the teacher whether heavy books can be left in the class so that the child's school bag doesn't become too heavy.

Clean your school bag and pencil case at regular intervals. You can find tips on this in the text above.

You should also empty the gym bag after every physical education class and let it air out well.

Inhalt einer Schultasche

How do I pack a school bag correctly?

In general, it can be said that heavy books, notebooks or folders should be stored as close to the back as possible in order to provide the best possible relief for the child's back. This also prevents the creation of a leverage effect and ensures that the school bag is carried comfortably and ergonomically.

You can find all of our tips on packing your school bag in our blog. You can access the article here.

Richtiges packen einer Schultasche

Tip: Children in traffic

See and be seen

Especially in the early morning and evening, it is extremely important that a child is clearly visible to moving traffic.

Our school bag, the Toolbag Plus, not only has reflectors attached to the sides of the school bag - but each school bag also has two LED pins on the front (right - red and left - green) which can be switched on in two levels for optimal performance To ensure visibility of the child!

Mutter nimmt Kind an die Hand
Mutter und Kind an einer Ampel

Choose the route to school together and don't overwhelm the children

Choose the safest route to school together with the child. With as few crossings as possible on busy streets - and ideally at zebra crossings, traffic lights, underpasses and overpasses. Often the shortest route is not the safest!
Children should learn to recognize dangers - but also not become overly anxious and therefore insecure. Don't overwhelm children, but always take their level of development into account.
Allow enough time for the journey to school. Leave early in the morning and don't set strict time limits for the way home.

Always keep your eyes open!

Even if a traffic light shows “green”, to be on the safe side, look in both directions to see whether it is safe to cross. If the traffic light starts flashing green while crossing, look in both directions again and move on quickly. Be careful of turning vehicles and cyclists, as others can easily be overlooked in their “blind spots”.

Bild einer Ampel
Kind an Zebrastreifen

Be careful at zebra crossings

Also learn how to cross correctly, i.e. carefully, at the zebra crossing. Do not rely on a driver to stop. Before crossing, always stop and check that no vehicle is coming or wait until all vehicles from both directions have stopped before leaving.

Parked cars

Children stepping out from between parked cars are difficult to see and also have difficulty seeing the street themselves. It is safer to look for a more visible area to cross the road. But cars also often come out of hiding: be careful in garages and exits!

parkendes Auto
Kind auf einem Tretroller

Concentration in traffic

Always concentrate on the route and the traffic! Listening to music, watching videos, playing with your smartphone, talking on the phone or running around with friends are risky distractions.

Do not run, fight or push on the way to school. It is particularly important to keep enough distance from the edge of the sidewalk - even in the bus stop area. And it's better to miss the bus or train than to be hectic and inattentive!

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