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Schneiders Vienna school bag upcycling project

Give your school bag a second life!

Holding your first school bag in your hands is something very special for every person starting school. For many children in Austria, however, this remains just a wishful thought.

That's why we at Schneiders Vienna have made it our job to make this special moment possible for children in need. Together with the Müller drugstore, the Austrian Post and Wien Work, we want to give old school bags a second life and donate them to families in need.

Your child is getting older and no longer needs their school bag?
Then be part of our upcycling project and donate your Schneiders school bag!

Bring the Schneiders school bag to a selected school bag retailer or get your return label from marketing@schneiders-bags.com

The journey of the school bag

On the way to a new adventure!

I have been your child's loyal companion for several years. We experienced and learned a lot together. Your child is slowly getting older and no longer needs me!

Grafik mit Mädchen und Schultasche auf buntem Hintergrund

Now give me one last joy and send me on a new adventure. Take me to a school bag dealer near you or get a return label from marketing@schneiders-bags.com !

Grafik mit drei Schultaschen auf buntem Hintergrund

The Austrian postal service takes care of the shipping and brings me safely to the school bag doctor in Vienna Work.

Grafik einer Schultasche und eines Postboten auf buntem Hintergrund

There I will be made beautiful again
and prepared for my new adventure. I can barely wait for it!

Grafik von einer Schultasche, die gereinigt wird

After my relaxing stay, I'm nice and clean again and ready to start school again! Together with the Vienna Parents' Association, I will be taken to a family that urgently needs me!

Grafik von zwei Kindern mit Schultaschen und Luftballons

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