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Buying a backpack: What you should definitely pay attention to!

A really good backpack will ideally accompany you for the rest of your life! This is precisely why you should be well informed before you decide to buy a model. However, this process can prove to be very lengthy and tedious. That's why we have summarized our know-how for you in this blog post. Our tips will save you the hassle of searching and you won't have to spend much time looking for your perfect backpack! If you have any questions, you can reach us at any time on Instagram ( @walker_bags) or by email ( communication@schneiders-bags.com) .

The first and foremost thing is to determine the intended use for your new companions. You shouldn't necessarily use the same backpack for sports that you use for work or college. For different activities, completely different criteria simply have to be taken into account and met. You wouldn't necessarily use the same pair of shoes for sport, work and leisure, would you?


There are many important criteria to consider when buying a school bag for elementary school children. That's why we have prepared a separate blog post for you on the topic of finding a school bag. There we explain everything from purchasing to cleaning your school bag! You are also welcome to browse through our range in our webshop. You can find our current school bag models here: School bags – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)


School backpacks are suitable for all students who feel too old for a classic school bag and would prefer something more casual. Students often have to carry a lot of things: lots of books, notebooks and other items have to be carried in their backpacks every day. That's why a high-quality carrying system, consisting of ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a well-padded back, is very important to ensure the health of the back.

Particular attention must therefore be paid to the attitude of children and young people who are still growing. A water-repellent material protects the contents of the school backpack from rain and moisture. Thanks to the particularly hard-wearing material, our school backpacks are particularly durable, which means that the backpack can also cope with one or two angry outbursts. Be inspired by the versatile selection of Walker Teen Bag Packs. You can find our current collection here: Teenager school backpacks – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)


For university or work, a spacious and well-structured backpack is a must-have! A simple design is also an advantage for university or work backpacks. After all, your go-to backpack should match all your styles! What is really important is the structure and structuring of the inner workings. The perfect backpack for your everyday work or university life should have several, clearly organized compartments in which you can store small things as well as large folders, notebooks and your laptop. When it comes to backpacks for work and university, a water-resistant backpack is of course also an advantage. Since it can rain on the way there or home and of course your blocks and computer should under no circumstances get wet, a water-repellent material is an important feature!

In the stress of everyday life, it is important that you have your things at hand as quickly as possible without having to rummage around in your backpack for a long time. This saves a lot of nerves and valuable time.

A little tip: Backpacks that have a complete 180 degree opening are particularly practical! Many of our Walker business bags also have an extra battery compartment and USB charging port.

Convince yourself of our elegant and timeless business backpacks here: Walker Business – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)


Leisure backpacks are an important feature for your everyday life! Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a high-quality carrying system should be integrated to ensure a high level of comfort in everyday life. Leisure backpacks should also be made of a water-repellent material.

In addition, a backpack with little weight is an advantage. This means your back health is not endangered and wearing comfort is improved. When it comes to leisure backpacks, the look of the backpack is of course also important! It all depends on your taste: whether colorful and unusual or simple, big or small, modern or timeless – everything is possible! Roll-top backpacks, our Alpha model and the new stylish backpacks from our new Concept 2 collection are particularly popular and practical. Take a look at the stylish and practical everyday backpacks on our website! Walker Daypack ALL – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)


A sports backpack should definitely be equipped with a particularly ergonomic carrying system. The shoulder straps and the back are particularly important components that can have a major impact on your posture and therefore on the health of your back. In addition, the adjustability of the carrying system is also an advantage, especially if you want to share your backpack with someone. Additional chest and hip straps help to further increase wearing comfort. This is particularly advantageous in sports where you move quickly or your balance cannot be disturbed.

In addition, it can get pretty wet from time to time when doing outdoor sports. Your perfect sports backpack should definitely be highly water-repellent! Since no backpack made of high-quality, comfortable materials is really 100% waterproof, you should also have an additional rain cover with you to be on the safe side. Of course, a distinction can also be made between the different sports here:

  • When it comes to backpacks for hiking, mountaineering or even tracking, you should choose a backpack with a large volume, as you often have to take a lot of luggage with you on the trip.
  • Backpacks for cycling should be as light as possible and have an ergonomic design so as not to become a burden for the rider.
  • There are even backpacks where you can attach an extra yoga mat to the outside. The perfect backpack for every yoga enthusiast!

Of course, we took all of this into account when designing and manufacturing our backpacks in order to be able to guarantee the best possible quality of sports backpacks. Convince yourself!

You can find all of our Walker sports backpacks here: Walker Sport – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)

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