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Finding the right school bag - What you should pay attention to when buying!

The first school bag – you probably remember how special it was for you! Starting school is also an important event for your child. A phase of life full of new adventures begins. Your child will find new friends, learn a lot and gain new impressions. That's why it's even more important that the little heroes are perfectly equipped during this time. Especially for those starting school, the school bag is an important companion and symbol that they are now one of the “big ones”. It is therefore all the more important that the children feel comfortable with their school bag. This also means that it fits correctly and accompanies the children optimally throughout their school years. But what do you have to consider when choosing the right school bag? Since we in the Schneiders team have been experts in the field of bags and backpacks for generations since 1890, we have put together a few tips for you that you should consider when buying a school bag for your child.


  • Pay attention to ergonomics: padded back and shoulder straps, hip and chest strap
  • Dead weight of the school bag
  • Solid body – easy to handle for your child
  • Reflectors on school bag
  • Glow sticks in school bags: More safety in road traffic


As a parent, factors such as safety, handling and material are more important, while design plays a secondary role. However, this is by no means the case for the little ones. Above all, they see the colors and motifs as the main argument in their decision. As a daily companion, it is important that children can identify with their school bag and are happy to take it with them on their adventures at school. After all, he is a status symbol for her! Just as every child has their own character, individuality also plays a significant role when it comes to their school bag. Every child should be able to fully reflect themselves in their school bag. For this reason, when designing our Schneiders school bags, we made sure to leave as much space as possible for self-design. Whether it's animals, space or a princess - thanks to our numerous patches, the child can design their school bag completely individually. Our high-quality patches are also perfect for collecting and trading. Here everyone can develop completely freely. Get inspired by the large and versatile selection of our patches here: School bag accessories – Schneiders Vienna GmbH (schneiders-bags.com)


However, it's not just appearance that plays an important role. No matter how beautiful a school bag may look, if it doesn't fit properly, it can have a significant impact on the child's health. And here comes the good news: optics and ergonomics don't have to be a contradiction! When developing our school bags, we pay attention to an attractive and creative design and also attach great importance to back health. In intensive collaboration with Dr. Nadja Jiresch, Department of Spinal Surgery at the mza Medical Center Vienna, developed and tested our ergonomic, height-adjustable carrying system for our school bags. In the following section we will tell you how you can use this to find the perfect school bag for your child and which dimensions you should generally pay attention to when buying.


First of all, it is important that you go shopping for school bags with your child. While your child can admire, touch and explore all the school bags with wide eyes, you have the opportunity to make sure that the school bag fits perfectly when trying it on. Since every child has a different stature and grows over the course of their school years, we have integrated an individually adjustable back length adjustment into our school bags, which allows an exact adjustment to the spine. In addition, the padded hip and chest straps ensure relief for the lumbar region. It is important that the shoulder straps are tightened so that the top edge of the school bag is at shoulder height. The chest strap ensures that the shoulder straps do not slip.

In addition to the guidelines for dimensions, the weight of the school bag is also crucial. The little heroes already have to carry enough books and notebooks every day, so the school bag shouldn't put any additional strain on them. Our Schneiders school bags are particularly light with a weight of approx. 1 kilogram and, with a volume of 21 liters, offer enough space for all the necessary school supplies. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to load the school bag too heavily in order to avoid overloading the cervical spine. The filled school bag should therefore not be heavier than ten percent of the child's body weight.


Seeing and being seen – this also plays a significant role when choosing a school bag. After all, your child should be safe on the road. For this reason, there must be enough reflectors on the backpacks to ensure your child's visibility. In addition to the reflectors, our school bags also have LED light sticks, which not only look cool, but also offer additional protection in traffic. The topic of safety also means that the little ones have enough freedom of movement when they carry their school bag. For example, the school bag must not prevent you from moving your head enough so that you can see the traffic when crossing a street.


Sun, rain, snow – no matter what, the school bag should always bring the contents home undamaged. It can also happen that a child throws his school bag into a puddle. Water-repellent material is therefore an absolute must for our Schneiders products. In addition, it is also important that the school bag is stable and does not buckle anywhere to ensure optimal weight distribution.

Regardless of whether it is for a child or a parent – ​​the fact is that buying a school bag is a big decision. For the children it is a big step in growing up and a companion that will support them every day. When purchasing together, parents can not only ensure that the school bag fits perfectly, but also increase the child's anticipation of school. With our tips you will definitely be well informed for your upcoming school bag purchase. So nothing stands in the way of the first day of school!

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