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Tips for everyday school life

How to pack your school bag correctly!

The school bag is a faithful companion in everyday school life. Packed correctly, it can help to structure the day better and minimize stress. In this blog post you will find tried and tested tips and tricks to organize your child's school bag efficiently and prepare it for a successful day at school.

Find the right school bag

Before you can even start packing, it's important to find the right school bag for your child. Make sure that the school bag has enough space for school books, notebooks and writing utensils, but is still comfortable to carry. Padded shoulder straps and ergonomically designed back padding are particularly important to relieve the strain on the back. To find out more tips on choosing the right school bag, you can read our blog post “Finding the right school bag - What you should pay attention to when buying!”

Place heavy objects as close to your back as possible

In general, it can be said that heavy books, notebooks or folders should be stored as close to the back as possible in order to provide the best possible relief for the child's back. This also prevents the creation of a leverage effect and ensures that the school bag is carried comfortably and ergonomically.

Order is half the battle

In order to start the new school day as relaxed as possible, a properly packed school bag is essential! Take time to tidy up your school bag regularly and remove things that are no longer needed. In addition, loose sheets of paper should always be collected neatly in a folder and pens should be sorted and kept in a pencil case.

Only pack what will be needed next

Care should be taken to ensure that there is only space in the school bag for the school supplies that are needed on each school day. This not only saves weight but also prevents the school bag from overfilling. A good tip is to pack your school bag the night before to avoid stress in the morning.

Pack your snack and water bottle correctly

A basic rule when packing your school bag is that anything that could leak does not belong in the main compartment. If possible, the snack should be stowed in the front pocket and the drinking bottle should find its place in the side pockets to protect the notebooks, books and other school supplies from getting dirty or getting wet.

Pack the school bag as evenly as possible

Finally, you should make sure to pack the school bag as evenly as possible. So if a heavy drinking bottle finds its place in one side pocket, you should pack a toy or a small umbrella, for example, in the other side pocket to balance the weight and protect your back.

We hope we were able to give you valuable tips on packing your school bag correctly!

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