Properly packed.

Now that you selected your bag for the long-awaited start of school it is waiting to be properly and thoughtfully packed.

Schultasche packen

Well Thought Through

Our primary concern is the back strain for the child. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to consider a balanced weight distribution of the heavy items.

That means the bigger and heavier the books, the closer to the back they should be placed. You’ll also want to use a folder box for your notebooks, to avoid unsightly dog-ears.

The following criteria should be considered:

  • Ergonomics of the child
  • Weigh distribution of the items you want to carry
  • Arrangements of books, notebooks an accessories

You’ll want your pencil case to be equipped with all the necessary writing materials such as fountain pen, crayons, eraser, and ruler.

Of course, the snack box and water bottle may not be missing!

For good preparation, it is advisable to calmly pack the bag together with the child the evening before – so it can gradually learn self-organization and taking responsibility for everyday school necessities.

To complete the school set and so everything is beautifully matched to the bag, we also offer matching gym bags and craft kits for sports and handicraft lessons.

Valuable Tips!

  • Ask the teacher if heavy books may be kept in the classroom so the bag does not become too heavy for the child.
  • Periodically clean the school bag and pencil case
  • Always empty the gym bag after sports lessons and ventilate well
Tradition seit 1890