Design meets innovation.

The Schneiders ergonomics concept combines years of expertise in the field of schoolbag production with ergonomic fit.
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the ergonomic schoolbag

Certificate of the Orthopedic Hospital Speising

Through our close cooperation with the orthopedic hospital Speising in the summer of 2017, we have developed an ergonomic carrying system for all our school bags. The criteria of ergotherapeutic and pediatric orthopedic requirements were ideally met.

The most important criterion was the individual back length adjustment, so that the school bag can be adapted to the correct height, posture and weight of every child.

Furthermore, the results of our Toolbag Plus and Toolbag Smart showed that these models ensure optimum weight distribution due to their exceptional stability.

In addition, the ergonomics of the back are supported by the padded hip and chest straps, so that the loins are relieved and a hollow back can be prevented.

Skizze Position TB Plus

How it works:


Individual height-adjustable back adaptation> prevents poor body posture and misalignment of the spine.


Tighten shoulder straps so that the top of the satchel is level with the shoulders.


Adjust and fix the chest strap individually to the size of the child > prevents the slipping of shoulder straps


Secure the breathable and padded waist belt to the pelvis > prevents pain in the lumbar region.


Tighten the adjustment straps to adjust the shoulder straps to your back.

  • The upper edge of the school bag should be at the same height as the shoulders.
  • adjustable chest strap and detachable hip strap ensure optimum weight distribution
  • adjustable shoulder straps offer a comfortable fit
  • the ergonomically height-adjustable back section ensures individual adjustment to the spine
  • Breathable padding (3D AirMesh) provides optimal air circulation on the back.
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