children in public traffic

seeing and being seen

Especially in the early morning and evening, it is of enormous importance that a child is clearly visible to moving traffic.

Our school bag, the Toolbag Plus, not only has reflectors on the sides of the school bag – but each school bag also has two LED light sticks on the front (right – red and left – green), which can be switched on in two stages to ensure optimal visibility of the child!

choosing the way to school together

Choose the safest route to school together with your child. With as few crossings of busy roads as possible – and preferably at zebra crossings, traffic lights, subways and overpasses. Often the shortest route is not the safest!

Don't scare - and don't overwhelm

Children should learn to recognise dangers – but at the same time not become overanxious and thus unsafe. Do not overwhelm children, but always take their stage of development into account.

Allow enough time for the journey to school. Leave early enough in the morning and do not set time limits for the way home.

Always keep your eyes open!

Even if a traffic light shows “green”, look in both directions to make sure it is safe to cross. If the traffic light starts flashing green during the crossing, look in both directions again and continue walking quickly. Beware of turning vehicles and cyclists, as others can easily be overlooked in their “blind spot”.

Concentration in road traffic

Always focus on the road and traffic! Listening to music, watching videos, playing with the smartphone, talking on the phone or fooling around with friends are risky distractions.

Do not run, scuffle or push on the way to school. It is especially important to keep enough distance from the edge of the pavement – even at bus stops. And it is better to miss a bus or train than to be hectic and inattentive!

Be careful at pedestrian crossings

Also learn the correct way to cross at pedestrian crossings, i.e. crossing carefully. Do not rely on a driver stopping. Before crossing, always stop and check that no vehicles are coming or wait until all vehicles from both directions have stopped before crossing.

Parked cars are like a hiding place

Children who step out between parked cars are not easily seen and cannot see into the road. It is safer to look for a more visible area to cross the road. But cars also often come out of “hiding”: be careful at garages and exits!

Often the lane has already been crossed and concentration wanes. But then sometimes there is still the cycle path … and cyclists are often quiet, fast – and cannot stop immediately!

Our cooperation partner, the ÖAMTC, will be happy to advise you in all areas of road safety. The so-called Yellow Angels are always there for the whole family – for life! 😊

Above all, it has a large traffic training area where you can practise traffic behaviour with your child.

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