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Tip: How do I clean my school bag?

The Schneiders cleaning program

A school bag has to withstand a lot of dirt over time, which is why it should be cleaned at regular intervals - this not only protects the material, but also prevents the school bag from wearing out.

It is particularly important to clean after liquid spills, mold formation on food, bad smells or dried-on dirt.





Valuable tips!
Tip: School children in traffic

See and be seen

Choose the route to school together and don't overwhelm the children

Always keep your eyes open!

Be careful at zebra crossings

Parked cars

Concentration in traffic

Tip: How do I pack my school bag?

The following criteria should be taken into account

the ergonomics of the child

Weight distribution of the items to be carried

The arrangement of books, notebooks and accessories

What else?

The pencil case should always be equipped with all the necessary writing materials, such as fountain pens, colored pencils, erasers and rulers.

Of course, the snack box and drinking bottle should definitely not be missing!

To prepare well, it is advisable to calmly pack the school bag together with the child the evening before - this way the child learns to take responsibility and organize themselves well.

So that the school set is complete and everything matches the color of the school bag, there is a matching gym bag and a craft case for sports and craft lessons.

Valuable tips!

Ask the teacher whether heavy books can be left in the class so that the school bag does not become too heavy for the child.

clean your school bag and pencil case at regular intervals.

Empty the gym bag after every physical education class and let it air out well.

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